Book Cover: Convenience
Part of the Convenience & Compatibility series:

He is sexy as hell, amazing in bed, and with one look can turn your legs into jelly, but Mallory Taylor is done with him. Greg may make her come like no other man, but she wants maturity, not a frat boy.

She needs to get away, but Greg keeps holding on, making it hard for her to resist.

When Mallory meets Dean Collins, she is relieved that Greg finally backs off. Dean is everything Mallory wants—maturity, wealth, and charm—a true gentleman. The only problem is that his parents refuse to accept Mallory. She works for a living, they inherit it.

When Dean breaks her heart, Mallory realizes that no man is perfect.

Now two men are after her, wanting her back and in their beds. Mallory is at a crossroads, should she chose one of them—risking her heart for true love—or walk away?