Take My Heart

My Bodyguard Series, Book 1

Book Cover: Take My Heart
Part of the My Bodyguard Series series:
  • Take My Heart

“My job is to protect you, not f*** you.” —Jackson

Rachel Conrad is the only daughter of the famous evangelical preacher, Alexander Conrad. She runs the finances of their family business by day, and goes against everything her father stands for at night.

Being an escort is a way to make fast cash and move on. Rachel wants to be known as something other than “the pastor’s daughter.” She wants a new life, and she needs money to do it.

When a death threat materializes into a close-call, her father insists on round-the-clock bodyguards. Rachel can still get into trouble; it is just harder, and Jackson Townsend is this barrier.

Not only does Jackson get in the way of how she wants to live her life, but he is distracting. His biceps, the way his thigh muscles stretch the seams of his jeans, the size of his strong hands. He may not be a ten, but she wants to suck him dry nevertheless.

When Rachel starts falling for him, she realizes that she can only have one thing: her independence or Jackson.

But more important things surface, such as . . . will she survive?