The Socialite

Book Cover: The Socialite

Being privileged gives you options, but when Gretchen Green’s money runs dry, those options look bleak.
She needs to get married—fast—or lose out on her inheritance.
Forget love, Gretchen would rather have her money and her single lifestyle, sleeping with whomever she wants. Because of her past, finding the right guy could be a problem, but 26.8 million dollars can buy a lot of forgiveness.

Misha Petrov could be the answer to Gretchen’s prayers—if only she can trust him. But he’s a hacker, keeping all of his secrets, and finding out all of hers. Gretchen knows Misha is the key to her money and she is willing to overlook his faults . . . until he wants more.

To Gretchen the solution is simple: he needs a green card, she needs a wedding. Why does it need to be more than this?

When Misha complicates their arrangement, Gretchen fears her money could be lost forever. She doesn’t have much time, but can she let down her guard to have it all?