Hello, I’m Mrs Ketchel.

I live with my husband and three children about thirty minutes north of Seattle. We recently bought a 1930 colonial that needs a lot of work, but I spend most of my time running the house, writing, and freelance copyediting.

Just after my last child was born I started writing a novel. It was a great way for me to get through my postpartum depression and it was cathartic writing steamy romance. I was raised in a devout Mormon family and have went the other way in my life. I am still a Christian, but I like to swear (I say fuck a lot), challenge the status quo, and do crazy shit that may not be socially acceptable, but I find interesting.

I finished my book, wrote a sequel, and then kept writing.

Writing led to copyediting school, at The University of Washington, and my current work as a freelance copyeditor. I am also a nurse (and a botanist if I’m going to be specific), but I mostly use my botany degree to garden, and my nursing degree to write and copyedit nursing literature. I guess you could say I’ve reinvented myself a few times.

Here is a picture of Hubby skipping rocks at a local beach. He’s got to be the coolest person I know and has always supported me. He is the first person I let read my manuscripts, and is the last to see them before they go out.


When the two of us are not working, we try to take vacations together. Most of the time we don’t take the kids. I think a big part of having such a great relationship is putting ourselves first, not our three children. We are currently planning a trip to England this year, with the kids this time.